Diabetologia - About the Journal

Client: Diabetologia Journal

Storyboard + Animation

Description by CC Animation Studio:

Diabetologia is an academic journal specialising in research on all aspects of Diabetes. The challenge was to help academics understand why they should submit their papers to Diabetologia over other journals, and the benefits that they’d receive for doing so. We needed to think about how we could bring creative and relevant visuals into this science-based world, where we could guarantee engagement of the audience and most importantly, communicating the message.

One of the stand-out features of Diabetologia is its attention to detail in its high editorial standards, so we waned to incorporate this into the animation. Throughout the animation, past editions of the journal feature heavily, combined with illustrations and objects, and digital techniques like stop-motion, blending seamlessly together to create a dynamic film with lots of energy, encouraging the viewer to watch to the end.

The Animation was launched in October 2018 at a Global Diabetes Conference, where it received huge praise and engagement from the audience:

The animation was shown to over 4000 people as part of the President’s opening address at a large conference in Berlin. There was spontaneous applause when it finished and we’ve received so much positive feedback that we’re glowing! The content, message and also the professionalism of the animation have been praised. Thank you all so much!
— Judy. Managing Editor, Diabetologia

Produced in collaboration with CC Animation Studio