enoki 15 Old Meets New.png


Selected artwork
from a personal series
of illustrations.

Under a set theme,
I drew an illustration a day
for thirty days.

enoki 05 Home is Where the Heart is.png
enoki 30 Good Luck.png
enoki 19 Express Yourself.png
enoki 03 Best of British.png
enoki 28 All About Colour.png
enoki 13 Spot.png
enoki 17 Cheers.png
enoki 06 Happiness is.png
enoki 26 My First Pet.png
enoki 11 Fashionista.png
enoki 18 Food Glorious Food A.png
enoki 14 In Bloom.png
enoki 10 Upcycling.png
enoki 12 Friends.png
enoki 04 Make Your Mark.png
enoki 31 Freestyle.png
enoki 01 Capture the Moment.png
enoki 07 Way with Words.png
enoki 25 Festive Spirit.png