Welcome to the website of Enoki, an illustrator, painter, and comic artist who has recently entered her first foray within the world of publishing.

Enoki eloquently creates with empathy in a longing to reach out to others. Guided by intuition, she has over the years assembled a visual library of symbolism unique to her vocation. Enoki’s library encompasses of the minute and the quiet, of dreaming nymphs draped over nests of larvae, and of liminal phenomenons in transformations such as metamorphoses and mitigations. Philosophy and loneliness, 1910s theatre, and sci-fi, are often themes inspired within her more intimate works. Enoki’s art has often been described as elegant, mysterious, and otherworldly.

This website essentially comprises of Enoki’s personal and intimate creations, however Enoki strides between two professional worlds. Her corporate work as a visual scribe, storyboard artist, and animator may also be found further along the selection.